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 Physio Massage: A Skilled Massage That Uses                                                      Specialized IASTM Tools, and                                                    Trigger Point Tools for A More                                                  Effective Treatment

Trigger Point Tools are Great To Brake Up muscle knots and release muscle tightness

Trigger Point Tools:

When the muscles gets stressed or injured they form trigger points, which are like contracted knots that lead to tightness and pain.

Trigger Points in the muscle are an extremely common cause of pain. When pressed on, trigger points can be quite painful, causing a shortening of the muscle fibers, leading to referred pain. Trigger point therapy involves the applied pressure to these painful, sensitive areas in order to alleviate the pain on site and the referred areas.

When pressure is applied on the trigger point, it may cause significant discomfort, though it does sometimes produce the interesting effect of feeling good at the very same time. Trigger point therapy will help you get rid of knots and pain.

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